NUTMEG Enzyme Vinegar 豆蔻酵素醋
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Nutmeg Enzyme Vinegar 豆蔻酵素醋


Net Weight / 净重 :375 ml/毫升


Benefits / 功效:
~ Eliminate cold and dampness 除寒燥湿
~ Invigorate stomach and stop vomit 健胃止呕
~ Prevent high cholesterol and blood pressure
~ Prevent cardiovascular blockage 预防心血管阻塞
~ Helps blood circulation 促进血液循环
~ Reduce limbs numbness 减少手脚麻痹
~ Relieve constipation 改善便秘


Preparation / 冲法: 
1-2 tablespoon per serving
1:3 ratio with cold or warm water