Asam Fish Curry Paste 亚参咖喱鱼酱
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Product Name: Asam Fish Curry Paste 亚参咖喱鱼酱


Net Weight 净重 : 150g


Ingredients 成份: Onion, Garlic, Lemongrass, Chilli, Curry Powder, Sugar, Salt, Tamarind, Cooking Oil



Cooking Ingredients 配料: 500ml water, 300g fish, prawn and other seafood, lady fingers, brinjal and onion, 50ml coconut milk



Cooking Method 煮法:

1. Add 1 packet Asam Fish Curry Paste into 500ml of boiling water. Add in fish and vegetables, cook over high heat for 10 minutes.

将一包亚参咖喱鱼酱加入 500毫升沸水内。然后再加入鱼和菜类,大火煮 10分钟。


2. Add and stir in coconut milk or evaporated milk and simmer for 1 minutes. Serve 3-4 persons.

 。加入椰浆或牛奶搅匀,中火煮约 1分钟。供 3-4人食用。


* For all types of vegetable / seafood. 适用于任何菜类 / 海鲜。

* For curry soup only. 适用于咖喱汤料。


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