Chicken Curry Paste 南洋咖喱鸡酱
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Product Name: Chicken Curry Paste 南洋咖喱鸡酱


Net Weight 净重 : 120g


Ingredients 成份: Onion, Chilli, Garlic, Lemongrass, Curry Powder, Sugar, Salt, Cooking Oil



Cooking Ingredients 配料: 500g chicken, 1 potato, 30ml coconut milk, 1 tablespoon cooking oil, 300ml water



Cooking Method 煮法:

1. Pour in 1 tablespoon cooking oil and Lim Wah Thai Chicken Curry Paste stir fried for 1 minute.

2. Add in 300ml water, chicken pieces, potato and cook for another 5 minutes.

3. Add in coconut milk and continue to cook for 15 minutes or until it is boiled. Serves 3-4 persons.
 加入椰浆,以慢火烹煮15分钟或至沸。供 3-4人食用。



Cooking Ingredients 配料: 400ml water, 5 slices veggie meat fillets, 2 potatoes, 200g mix of long beans, bean curd puffs, cabbage, 50ml coconut milk or fresh milk


Cooking method:
1. Boil 400ml water, add in the Curry Paste, stir well to mix for 1 minute.
2. Add in the above ingredients, cook for 7 minutes.
(add 80ml coconut milk or fresh milk optionally)
Serve hot.



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